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What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a stunning activity from SAP to offer a speedier and more responsive UI. It applies state-of-the-art design principles for conveying basic, responsive and personalized experiences crosswise over different devices and organization decisions. This activity is focused on providing the UI which bolsters all devices, for example, tablets, desktops, and cell phones. SAP's firm choice to make SAP Fiori UX accessible to clients, at no extra cost, represents a unique prospect for SAP accomplices to make applications that use the many points of interest of SAP Fiori.


 SAP Fiori Courses 

The SAP Fiori Course is intended to give competitors the indispensable chance of achieving a top to bottom comprehension and knowledge of SAP Fiori functionality, including a short overview of the SAP Fiori authorization, architecture, installation and operation of SAP Fiori apps. Competitors can take in a few models by picking this course, incorporating those with HANA XS engine appropriate for analytical apps, and more.
This SAP module is accessible inside the development package for application reconciliation. To ensure that clients accomplish robustly, tested, partner built, and transactional Fiori applications adequately, SAP has formed a certification program for these apps. Accomplice organizations have the choice of making Fiori applications on SAP Business suite- - on either traditional DBs or SAP HANA. With the SAP Fiori Module set up, organizations can get the advantages of responsive/simple to modify real-time data access and more.

SAP Fiori Course Content

  • Overview of the SAP Fiori Online Training
  • Introduction to SAP Fiori Apps (Manager & Employee)
  • SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori
  • SAP Fiori architectures and technology (App types, Architecture structure/details, hardware & software requirements)
  • Role of SAP UI5
  • Basics of SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services
  • Configuration overview – Transactional, Fact Sheets, Analytical & Launchpad
  • Launchpad overview and functions
  • Launchpad configuration
  • Theme Designer overview
  • SAP Fiori security
  • Installation overview & tasks
  • Configure Transactional Apps & Factsheets (Search, NW Gateway, Central UI Add-On, Product Specific Add-On)
  • Introduction of end to end Data Flow
  • SAP Business Workflow basics
  • Custom Workflow scenarios to Approve Requests
  • Extensibility overview (Concept, skills, tools)
  • OData extensibility (Taskflow & SAP NW Gateway) UI Field extensibility (Tools, method, concepts)
  • HANA XS Engine overview & architecture
  • Analytical Apps overview
  • Installation of the XS Engine for SAP Fiori Analytical Apps

Scope and Opportunity for a Career in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is an arrangement of web applications which are intended to be multichannel: both mobile browser and desktop. This means the occasions of how SAP support end users, despite the nature of devices utilized by them. The demonstration of running business apps in browsers (on handheld devices) exhibits various difficulties as security, consistency, and execution issues of an end client encounters. Under such conditions, SAP Fiori goes to the fore and handles the issues available in a powerful way.
By experiencing this course and having a certification in the same, applicants can begin a lucrative career in the job profiles of SAP Solution Manager, SAP Fiori specialist, and more. They can likewise go for high positions and extraordinary salary packages!

Turn into a Certified SAP Fiori Consultant

There is no formal and particular certification for this course provided by SAP at present, in any case, the same can be presented in future. Starting at now, applicants are being welcomed for advancing their abilities in Fiori by getting acquainted with the previously mentioned substance of this course; which guarantees to empower them to use the diverse SAP fundamentals and strategies of SAP Fiori applications.


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